The dust has settled, we had chance to come up for air and finalise Sunday’s results.

First of all we’d like to put out a big thank you to the racers and supporters for coming along and making it a success. The race was strongly fought, with a brave break from the go. Top work for risking it and making it stick.

Secondly, we need to thank the sponsors for the day, for prizes and keeping everyone awake with caffeine and beer. Rapha helped with some top prime prizes and sponsoring the numbers, FourPure with podium beers and best team, Skratch Labs, knog and Donhou bicycles for podium prizes and Allpress for their excellent coffee. These guys really helped make the race special.

In addition the race wouldn’t have happened without commissaires, marshals, NEG, family and friends giving up their time on the day and before. They kept the race safe and family members baked way better goodies then we could.

Results are below, but keep checking back for media from JoJo Harper and George Marshall who shot the day. We’ve seen the sample pics and they are special.